Why Chain Finance?

20+ Years Experience

We have a strong expertise in working capital / Supply Chain Finance. 20+ years experience in the management, financing and performance of organisations’ receivables and payables. We enjoy international references and success stories in SCF programs’ implementation and management.

Non-Bank Player

We are a “non-bank player” which means for our clients that they stay in control of their SCF program.

Emerging Markets & GCC

We enjoy an extensive experience of emerging markets. We aim to become a leading regional SCF player in the GCC while leveraging our European background, network and experience. We have the know-how and expertise to structure SCF programs to be Sharia compliant. In their philosophy – collaborative – and their financial technique – discounting.

Credys Analytics

We rely on Credys Analytics, our state-of-the-art proprietary advance system, for the processing, analysis and monitoring of the Financial Supply Chain data. Credys Analytics has developed the first ever-universal analysis and scoring model for companies’ trade receivables and payables.

End-To-End Service

We provide a global end-to-end solution to our clients’ Collaborative Supply Chain Finance program needs. We provide the expertise and the resources to assess, design, implement, roll out, manage, monitor and fund efficient, bespoke, multi-funders Collaborative Supply Chain Finance programs.

Integrated Teams

We deliver/implement innovative Supply Chain Finance programs through highly experienced integrated teams of experts and advisors, and by combining SCF, financial, procurement, IT, audit and legal know-how.

Furthermore, our teams are fluent in 7 languages – English, French, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, German and Dutch – with the necessary academic and expertise backgrounds to handle multinationals SCF programs.

Bespoke SCF Programs 

We build tailor-made, turn key SCF solutions designed to match our clients’ specificities and strategy, and each of their suppliers profiles.

Our SCF programs are engineered, structured and documented in such a way

  • To provide our clients the flexibility to fund their programs with both their short term excess cash and/or third parties financing.
  • To improve our clients’ DPO, balance sheet and financial ratios.
  • Where financed by third parties, trade payables on our clients’ balance sheet continue to be classified as commercial outstanding due to trade creditors, instead of being converted into financial debt which would otherwise impact negatively on their debt gearing ratios.
Industry Expertise

We have a wide industries expertise – construction, airline, auto, oil & gas, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, telecom, pharma, etc. – that enables us to deliver customised programs enhanced for our clients’ specific business activities.

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