SCF – Supply Chain Finance

What is C-Supply Chain Finance?
Collaborative Supply Chain Finance programs enable large companies to dematerialize and improve the financial performance of their supply chain while strengthening their suppliers’ relationships. Hence the concept of “collaborative”.
A new win-win approach of large buyers with their suppliers becoming widely accepted as best practice. A buyer-led initiative that relieves buyer-supplier payment tension, by enabling both parties to set and get the terms they prefer.
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What Are The Benefits?
SCF program extends DPO, releases capital for the business, generates extra income &/or lower cost of goods sold, strengthens relationship with trading partners, and lower supply chain risks.
It creates a more collaborative, stable and financially robust supply chain.
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What SCF Services
Do We Offer?
We design, implement & support bespoke collaborative Supply Chain Finance programs.
Our services provide a global end-to-end solution to our clients’ Collaborative Supply Chain Finance program needs. We provide the expertise and the resources to assess, design, implement, roll out, manage, monitor and fund efficient, bespoke, multi-funders Collaborative Supply Chain Finance programs.
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Chain Finance?
We are a “non-bank player” with a strong expertise in the Financial Supply Chain and working capital. We enjoy 20+ years experience in the management, financing and performance of organisations’ receivables and payables.
We build tailor-made, turn key SCF solutions designed to match our clients’ specificities and strategy, and each of their suppliers profiles.
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& Answers
What is the Financial Supply Chain? How Supply chain Finance works? How do our clients (the buyers) benefit from a SCF program? What motivates suppliers to join our clients’ SCF programs? How do banks benefit from supply chain finance?
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