China Chain

China Chain: Your Link To The World’s Fastest Growing Economic Force

Always at the forefront of improving key drivers, growth, profitability, and capital utilization, Chain Finance has developed a pioneering and comprehensive end-to-end import and supply chain solution: China Chain.

China Chain is ideal for international buyers who import and purchase goods, raw materials, and commodities from China. This solution simplifies and facilitates all aspects of the sourcing process, transforming working with China from a challenge into a viable revenue generator with great potential. From goods/commodities sourcing and supply to financing and beyond, Chain Finance, via China Chain, offers unique commercial and financial services.

Our Commercial Service focuses on sourcing Chinese suppliers in a way that ensures our clientele tap into reliable, constant and economical Chinese sources of goods and commodities.

Our Financial Service concentrates on improving payment terms and credit facilities, thus empowering our clients to use open accounts with several payment options while conducting business with China, instead of advanced cash / LC payment terms.


Our service offerings mean increased purchasing power, a greater advantage, and quicker results. Our complete A-to-Z solution ensures that making the most out of China’s sourcing opportunities is as easy as doing business at home.

Hence China Chain is indispensible to importers.


The Issues

While China is the place to purchase raw materials, manufactured goods and commodities from since it’s full of lucrative prospects, getting the most out of its offerings can be extremely difficult without China Chain’s professional help. The barriers are many and the process can be very problematic for companies and business-people interested in importing from China.

On a commercial level some of the serious obstacles are:

  • Language and Communication: the Chinese usually don’t speak any foreign languages and even within China, the language barrier is heightened since there are many dialects in addition to Mandarin, such as Cantonese, etc. The communication issue has many dire implications and ties in with a lack of contact with foreign businesses.
  • Experience: since most manufactures and suppliers in China are restricted from doing business with foreign firms, they lack the experience, exposure, and communication needed to form a solid working bond.
  • Selection: given the sheer choice and huge selection in China, finding a good and reliable source that can guarantee sustainable supply can be tricky. Identifying unprofessional companies (that will cause disputes over goods), shells and fake firms can also be hard. This process is even more challenging when conducting the search for raw material, manufactured goods and commodities’ suppliers over the internet.
  • Culture: the culture itself can be problematic as it entails different social norms, mores and expectations. This affects negotiation and business conduct.
  • Law: getting to grips with China’s policies, laws and regulations can be an extremely daunting task.
  • Time & Sustainability: time is an issue as gaining insight into China and monitoring to make sure the supply is sustainable are extremely lengthy processes.


On a financial level the main pressing hindrances are:

  • Cash & Letter of Credit: cash up-front or Letters Of Credit are standard practice in China with 20% payment upon order and the balance upon receipt of the goods. This can place undue pressure on importers, making working capital tight since more flexible payment alternatives aren’t usually available.


China Chain professionally targets these problems by offering a global, unified solution. With China Chain from Chain Finance, accessing China’s wealth of supply possibilities is easy.


The Solution


The trade behind true potential

At the forefront of innovative and practical solutions, Chain Finance is your ideal partner in China because China Chain’s scope provides comprehensive services. To provide truly comprehensive, tailor-made services, we have partners who professionally cover the services we don’t. Optimize your supply chain in China with us.

Our Commercial Services cover:

  • Reliable Supplier Identification
    We save you time and money when finding quality raw materials and products. We identify your precise needs and accordingly use our extensive network and expertise to connect you with the right sources and suppliers. We even run background checks to ensure the supplier is trustworthy. We locate opportunities for you.
  • Price & Contract Negotiation
    Free yourself from needless hassle and let our seasoned specialists handle pricing, contracts, shipping and other negotiations.
  • Logistics
    Whether by sea, air or land, we offer fast, safe, efficient and cost-effective transportation arrangement services.
  • Production Follow-on & Quality Control
    We offer production follow-on, product inspections and other quality control assistance through our partners, thus providing global importing services.


Our Financial Services encompass:

  • Credit
    We step in to purchase and pay Chinese suppliers for our clients (this is done against invoices and shipping documents). We then resell the goods to our clients with credit for up to 120 days after the bill of lading without requiring collateral. This empowers you with open accounts, giving you access to higher volumes without unnecessarily restricting your working capital.


The Benefits


Taking you further
Working with Chain Finance by choosing our China Chain services opens the door to many benefits as it directly links you to China at its best. From both the commercial and financial sides, China Chain can power your business in several ways and let you achieve more with less.


China Chain is advantageous. Why? Because we present a sound and exceptional solution that reduces risk, improves supply, secures transactions, saves time, lowers costs and creates sustainable business relations. And most importantly, we make things simple and stress-free. This makes China Chain the driving force behind results.

Our local knowledge, insight into the inner workings of Chinese procedures, and profound familiarity with the market are indispensible. And so, overcoming the issues inherent in dealing with Chinese suppliers is simple and hence you can focus on your business without any external concerns. This also increases your firm’s value since succeeding in utilizing China’s offerings means a real competitive edge in your domestic market.

With boosted purchasing power and borrowing potential through our extended payment terms, your capital can go further for longer. Larger volumes, good prices and reduced risk are all part and parcel of this. In fact, China Chain makes the entire sourcing process more efficient. And because no collateral is required during the credit period, your working capital is freed up.


Why China Chain

A platform with solid foundations

China Chain is one of Chain Finance’s fine services. The product of a firm known for its experience in the fields of trading and supply chain, China Chain embodies proven know-how.

Chain Finance has a full-fledged operation in China with a talented, highly qualified team, offering clients local presence that covers all regions of the mainland. This on-site exposure has helped us build close work relationships with over a thousand Chinese suppliers, market awareness, and the necessary language skills (Mandarin, Cantonese, other Chinese dialects and English). Strategically located in Tianjin, we have direct access to the core of thriving industry.


We also have offices in Turkey, France, the UK and the Middle East, which creates an international support network and brings us nearer to our clients. Sharia’a compliant, we can even cater to the preferences of the Arab world. China Chain surpasses clients’ expectations and is the only solution that covers sourcing and financial services.


China Chain is governed by Chain Finance’s signature standard: “Chain Finance services and solutions aim to improve the 3 key drivers of companies/corporates’ financial performance: Growth, Profitability, and Capital Utilization.” Hence China Chain is here to serve your best interests.