China Oil Supply

We help Chinese fuel oil buyers / importers source new supply opportunities and reduce their purchasing costs


Chain Finance jointly with an array of partners  have developed jointly a complete end to end import factoring solution dedicated to Chinese fuel buyers: refineries, power plants, ceramics and glass factories, iron steel plants, etc.

From fuel oil supply to financing, Chain Finance offers a unique and comprehensive one stop shop platform that boosts Chinese buyers’ fuel oil supply opportunities and purchasing power.

This joint platform facilitates and streamlines purchasing processes so fuel oil buyers can develop a competitive edge over competition and improve their bottom line results. The first of its kind factoring solution that bridges and matches Chinese fuel oil buyers – importers specific trading and financial requirements with international standard industry terms.


1- Providing a reliable, sustainable and competitive source of supply through Chain finance purchase

Secure the success of the transaction.

The involvement of TFG creates the trust between importers and suppliers [through Chain finance].

Assure Chinese importers that they will get the products.

To reduce buyers’ purchasing cost by streamlining the purchasing process and eliminating domestic intermediates chain.


2- Financing the importers & boosting their purchasing power

Usually importers need almost 100% collateral to issue the L/C or L/G. Plus banks are not so keen when it comes to issue BCL, L/C, or L/G for importing Russian commodities.

Chain Finance import factoring program provides financing to importers: it reliefs them from the 100% collateral requirement. To get the payment instruments issued buyers need to provide only 30 to 50% collateral. The remaining balance [50% to 70%] is arranged / financed by Chain Finance with the partner banks.

Chain Finance program helps Chinese buyers get a faster and more convenient service from the bank.


3- Simplifying the import procedure for Chinese buyers

China is a country with exchange control.

As to the factoring services provided by Chain Finance in China, State Administration of Foreign Exchange has specially unveil a file, stipulating that under import factoring, Chain Finance is responsible for foreign exchange verification and international balance of payment report that are usually done by importers.

This greatly simplifies the import procedures of Chinese Importers.

At the same time, importers who have no foreign exchange quota can get it through Chain Finance.


You want to know how Chain Finance can provide you with a reliable, sustainable and competitive source of supply while simplifying and streamlining the purchase processes, and reducing working capital requirement?

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