Who We
A diversified world class experienced international experts with proven management team of professionals having broad international background and over 30 years of business experience. Over the years our team has proven their professional insight in all business aspects via significant accomplishments.
We developed and made business in over 20 countries in 3 continents around the world including Asia (mainly China), Middle East and Africa (Lebanon, UAE, Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Sudan) and Europe (France, Spain, UK, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Czech Republic).

Why We Are There, What Do We Do & How Do We Do It?


World is facing major global commons:

  • World population is increasing
  • Global warming weather due to climate change
  • Food security and safety are an increasing concerns
  • Increasing shortage of resources: land & water
  • Food deficit
  • Nutrition deficiency
  • Poverty

We have the knowledge, the experience, the contacts and the means to help address, mitigate or help solving the above problems.


  • We do it using local traditional knowledge
  • Using state of the art technology & approaches
  • By integrating the socio-economic dimensions
  • Through dissemination, partnership and adoption
  • By securing all the necessary means for full implementation
Consulting & Advisory Services
We provide a global and comprehensive array of technical and management advisory services for agri-business:

Technical Advisory Services

For conventional agriculture / farming & agro-technology such as Aeroponics systems.

We produce / assist to produce according to international standards such as “Certified Organic” or GLOBAL G.A.P.

“Organic Certification” and GLOBAL G.A.P among others are today the world’s leading farm assurance program, translating consumer requirements safe and sustainable traits in a rapidly growing list of countries – currently more than 100.

Financial advisory & Business development services

As financial advisors we source, structure and manage capital. As business development partners we look to assist with new markets and new revenue stream development.

  • We help organizations to grow their agri-business internationally.
  • We provide services and solutions aiming at seizing, developing and implementing domestic and international growth opportunities. Successfully & Sustainably.
  • We create long-term value for an organization – clients and/or partners – from capital, customers, markets, management and contacts.

Legal advisory services

Project Development, Management & Financing

Jointly with our partners we can provide project development, project management and project financing from a single source.

Our services can cover the entire process, from providing the technology to engineering to financing to turnkey handover to operating.

Project Development

We put the project on a solid basis with feasibility studies, market analyses, a business plan and the search for strategic investors.

Project Developer:

  • Developsproject concept
  • Providesmarket analyses
  • Providespreliminary works and feasibility studies
  • Involve strategicinvestors

Project Management / EPC

Jointly with our partners we (can) take on overall responsibility for the project, as the EPC Contractor managing the engineering, procurement and construction of the farms / agriculture enterprises through to start-up. This also includes setting up operations and handing off the turnkey installation to the customer / investor.

Project Management / EPC:

  • Providesbasic / detailed engineering
  • Provideswaste recycling engineering and expertise
  • Providesglobal procurement
  • Coordinationof partners

Project Financing

The success or failure of projects is determined by financing. Our competencies in this area represent a clear competitive advantage because we can combine financing with operational responsibility.

We focus on three different types of financing: structured financing, financing of equipment and working capital financing (payables and receivables).

We mediate bank financing with banks that are associated with us.

We Develop & Operate Soilless Aeroponics Farms

We build, plant, grow, harvest and market produces for our clients / investors.

Natural Production

We naturally produce the finest gourmet vegetables and strawberries for local / domestic markets and exports.

Latest High Tech Farming Methods

We grow and produce fresh and delicious vegetables and strawberries by using the latest in high tech farming. It combines modern controlled atmosphere technology and Aeroponics growing methods / systems.

The advantages of this new way of farming over traditional farming are amazing:

  • It grows crops without soil or sun, all year round and in any location. Anywhere.
  • It overcomes and mitigates the major issues of traditional agriculture: quality, quantity, profitability
  • It transforms production into a more sustainable, efficient, and safe process.

100% Controlled Network

We build and operate these farms – including providing the domestic, regional and international buyers’ network – in order to grant clients / investors high yield return.

Our Vision

We believe we need to move beyond “Business as Usual”. We strive for a positive transformation of our economy, and to question the way we produce and consume.


We believe and we struggle / strive for a “positive economy”. An economy centered “around the principles of economic equality, fairness, sustainability, and humanity.” In short, “an economy that seeks more than profit.” 

The Positive Economy brings entities producing goods and services for which profit is only a tool and not an end in itself, and takes into account the interests of future generations. This economy is a response to the challenges the world will face between now and 2030.

The Positive Economy is based on a positive paradigm shift, a new vision of relations between people. It promotes the inclusion of others and takes into account past, present and future generations rather than the immediate satisfaction of individual interests of the short-term and favors relationships over transactions. It does not consider our planet as a means, a set of resources available to man, but as an end. It relies on exchanges, interconnections between individuals, entities, joint projects, and openness to others.

To know more about the positive economy


Healthy and sustainable food – in other words, good food – should be produced, processed, bought, sold and eaten in ways that:

  • Provide social benefits, such as safe and nutritious products, and improve people’s experiences of good quality food which helps to enrich knowledge and skills, and cultural diversity;
  • Contribute to thriving local economies that create good jobs and secure livelihoods in producer countries;
  • Protect natural resources such as water and soil, and help to tackle climate change.

As citizens we can take action on all these issues and every step in the right direction, no matter how small, is useful. But some vital measures are beyond our control, so businesses need to take action too so that good food choices become the easiest ones to make.

Who It Works For
Our SCF solution works for companies turning over USD 100 million to USD 1 billion+ in a wide variety of sectors: oil & gas, construction, airline, auto, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, telecom, pharma, etc. With our industry expertise, we can deliver programs enhanced for your specific business activity.

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