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Chain Finance is a trading name for working capital, trade finance, supply chain finance & international business development services and solutions.

Chain Finance Origins

Chain Finance sources its name from the financial supply chain, its original and core field of expertise.

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Although supply chain deals with physical delivery of the goods and services, it is not possible to keep it going without the flow of money between various entities. For every physical movement of goods between supplier and buyer, there exists a financial flow traveling in the opposite direction.

Therefore the Supply Chain can be divided into:

> The physical supply chain can be defined as the activities involved in planning and executing the movement of goods and their documentation i.e. the processes involved in taking goods from the raw materials stage, through production to the ultimate delivery to the end-consumer.

> The financial supply chain describes the activities involved in planning and executing payments between trading partners i.e. the end-to-end trade processes and information that drive a company’s cash, accounts, and working capital.From a buyer’s perspective, this involves the full procurement-to-payment process (purchase-to-pay cycles). For the seller, it is the order-to-cash cycle.

Financial supply chain management goal is to address these processes in order to achieve a range of benefits that include improved efficiency and visibility across the supply chain and a more favorable working capital position by optimizing accounts payable & receivable, cash management, risks and transaction costs.

The Financial Supply Chain is increasingly recognised as an area offering significant potential for generating bottom-line improvements and creating competitive advantage. According to many studies, “a typical billion-dollar company spends approximately $27 million annually for unnecessary working capital and inefficient processing functions because they lack visibility and performance into the Financial Supply Chain and receivables.”

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Working Capital Business

We create value out of payables & receivables.

Our core business is to provide our clients services & solutions to secure, unlock and accelerate cash invested in their financial supply chain & working capital.

We provide advisory services, consulting & specialised innovative solutions to assist our clients – medium size and large companies, international groups and financial institutions – optimise their cash, generate cash and do more business with less working capital.

Domestic & international factoring, working capital data analytics, supply chain finance solution, credit management consulting, consulting in working capital financing, etc. And as an independent financial advisor we have the flexibility to organize capital from whatever source is most suitable for a specific working capital transaction.

Our services and solutions bring together a broad range of industries skills, countries markets knowledge, receivables and payables know how, trade finance techniques, and leverage the potential of new technologies to provide innovative and efficient financial working capital solutions.

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Our Clients’ Benefits

Chain Finance working capital services and solutions aim to improve the 3 key drivers of companies financial performance: Growth, Profitability, & Capital Utilization.

For Chain Finance clients this means doing more business with less cash, creating competitive advantage, generating bottom-line improvements and delivering higher return to shareholders.

Chain Finance Geographical Scope

Chain Finance has developed a commercial and technical network in key countries either through  JVs / sister companies – Chain Finance China, Credys France in France –  or through rep offices – Chain Finance in Japan, in Russia, in Lebanon covering middle eastern & GCC countries, etc.



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